The Bad Points of the social impacts of ICT

Children and Teenagers spend most of their free time using computers, which affects their social development as they will lack the social skills to speak confidently in school or work, as they would rather text on mobile phones or use an instant messenger than talk to their friends face to face. Some children are also lacking in reading skills as local libraries are being closed down due to children not being interested in reading or going outside. This affects them progressing well in school.

ICT can also affect people’s personal health, as they aren’t getting enough exercise as they are spending most of their free time indoors on computers instead of going outside.

Small local businesses are being affected by the effects of ICT as people would rather shop online which is causing smaller businesses that aren’t online to close down as they are losing revenue and can’t afford to stay open.

The environment is also feeling the effects of ICT as some people are not disposing their old electronical devices in a proper manner which is causing more landfills to show up around the UK. Another way ICT affects the environment is computers are using electricity and with so many being used in homes and businesses more energy is consumed, which leads to many issues such as climate change.

Many older people are feeling pressured and overwhelmed with learning how to use new technology and with many services such as Banking, Bill paying and shopping rapidly becoming internet based, some older people are struggling accessing these services. This can affect them financially as many internet goods and services offer cheaper rates and prices than their physical counter-part.

ICT doesn’t just affect individuals, it also affects many people in rural areas around the UK as Broadband access is not available to them because they live too far from a telephone exchange and the telephone and cable companies feel it is too expensive to lay down cables.

ICT has caused many legal impacts. Many media forms such as Movies and Music have become easily available across the internet, which has led to copyright material to become easy to steal. There has also been many file-sharing web services have been set up, which allows users to share copyright material which makes it freely available. Plagiarism has become a common problem because of ICT; because of the internet it has become very easy to copy and paste information from a web page into a document. Plagiarism has affected schools, colleges and universities as students are submitting work that they are passing off as their own.

There are also ethical impacts to ICT. With personal information being stored on computers, personal privacy has become an issue. Almost all aspects of our lives is recorded on computers, this includes our medical records, what we buy in supermarkets, who we call and text on mobile phones and what we search for on the internet using search engines. Personal information relating to living individuals held on computers is covered by the Data Protection Act (1998). The Data Protection Act is a legislation that governs the protection of personal data in the UK. The Data Protection Act creates rights for those who have their data stored and responsibilities for those who store, process or the person who has their data processed has the right to:

View the data an organization holds on them, for a small fee, known as 'subject access fee’

Request that incorrect information be corrected. If the company ignores the request, a court can order the data to be corrected or destroyed, and in some cases compensation can be awarded.

Require that data is not used in any way that may potentially cause damage or distress.

Require that their data is not used for direct marketing.

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