The good social Impacts of ICT 

Let’s start off with the generalisation of these particular points, say for example being very sociable always comes with an impact, whether that is to talk to a fellow colleague or to enquire about help and talking people through certain things in a rather a lot of detail.


Another one of the good points would be that, ICT as a whole has bought the whole world together and has joined forces with many companies, which allows for faster production and efficiency, when it comes to creating and selling products to the worldwide market.


ICT had also made researching for information even quicker than having to use basic text books to find very advanced and complex bits of information. This allows the users of all of the current, and next generation technology to find valuable things at the touch of a few buttons and/or clicks, it varies by which device the user owns.


ICT Has also bought the whole world, a new feature called, social media, this is a clever little tool that can bring long lost families together, also to keep the media and general citizens of the world connected to which matters most to them. This also allows for people to contact others if they simply, cannot afford to travel or have a condition which causes the user to have limited functionality.



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