When it comes to the aspect of gaming as a whole- technical or non-technical there are many aspects of gaming which are and have been affected by IT.

The few points I have already listed up above. These points consist of social networking, et cetera.

IT has and always will be the main gateway to revolutionary gaming, whether that being either online or on yourself as a solo individual. Having ICT within the gaming industry has allowed for even wider expansions for game developers to create more realistic games. This also allows for game dev’s to create more options when they decide to create a platform game, whether that yet again, being either available on a device as an MMORPG  or shoot’ em’ up and so on.  

Due to the massive growth of gaming online, this means that the gamers from all across the world from any corner of the globe, and play online with a complete stranger or If the player has more than  a select few friends then he/she can play online with them too.

On the other hand many gamers would either disagree with the fact that gaming and online gaming can make the user become very anti- social and withdrawn from everyday life and tasks. Scientists and researchers also believe if a person is exposed to a console or anything that is related to gaming, the user will gradually become withdrawn from life as a whole, studies have also found that video games and exposure to anything rated over the age of sixteen and has an approved PEGI rating is classed as aggressive and can lead youngsters to take the role of the aggressive video game counterparts.

On the other hand many gamers would disagree and argue that gaming is a very social. This is because when playing over the internet you come into contact with many people and it can lead to the gaining of many friends and social contacts. Who in time could become “IRL” in real life friends who meet up to have a coffee and a chat at some point?

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