Economic impact of the uses of IT

IT, has become a new market and economic strong point. It has led to many new areas of the market opening up, Messaging, Banking, Information, Gaming, and Technological, medical, policing.


it has not revolutionized Banking, but it has added many new ways to bank your money and check your balance, check your account details, billing options.  


Messaging has also helped economics by making it easier to work at home, arrange high profile management meetings, using services like skype to send free “IM’s” Instant Messages to other skype users. You can also send “SMS” or texts from skype to peoples mobile phones. so they can communicate with people in the field or arrange video conferences and groups calls.


The gaming industry has contributed and carved out its own cave in the global Coast of the global market. Games designers have been making games since games came out, but now in this age of IT the ways and amount of games they are making has increased exponentially and now employs large numbers of employees who make games across the spectrum.

Legal, copyright and/ or plagiarism


When it comes down to laws within the IT industry and pretty much ICT in general, one would have to abide by the law which has been set!

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